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The Museum’s exhibits highlight the richness of Philadelphia’s maritime history while simultaneously exploring the region’s waterways and the impact they have on our lives, both culturally and environmentally.  Here is what’s currently on display at the Museum:

River Alive!

In this award-winning exhibit, visitors explore what lives in and around the Delaware River Watershed and the vital role we all play in keeping our waterways clean.

Patriots & Pirates

Discover the city of Philadelphia’s role in the founding of the United States Navy and the harrowing tale of the pirates they faced in this exhibit.

Tides of Freedom

African Presence on the Delaware River: Visitors can explore the concept of freedom through the lens of the African experience along the Delaware River.

Difficult Journey Home

In this shipboard exhibit, learn about the journey Cruiser Olympia, the captains, crew, and Marine Honor Guard aboard all faced to ensure the safe delivery of the American Unknown Soldier from World War I back to the United States.

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Immerse yourself in award-winning and interactive exhibits and climb aboard the oldest floating steel warship in the world on Cruiser Olympia and submerge yourself aboard the World War II-era Submarine Becuna.