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Down the Shore: Summer in
Atlantic City

Located on the Atlantic Ocean in Southern New Jersey, Atlantic City’s proximity to Philadelphia made it a popular resort town in the late nineteenth century. Easily accessible by train, Philadelphians flocked to the Jersey Shore every summer to escape the heat of the city.

Invitation Card to Atlantic City

Invitation Card

"Annual Excursion of Hanover Library Association, To Atlantic City"
Wednesday, August 11th, 1880



Panorama postcard souvenir postcard

Souvenir Photograph Booklet

Atlantic City, New Jersey
Published by I. Robbins & Son
circa 1921

The first Atlantic City boardwalk was built in 1870, and twelve years later, in 1882, Ocean Pier, the world’s first oceanside amusement pier was constructed. Ocean Pier featured the latest rides and games, as well as an electric trolley system to bring visitors from the boardwalk. Steel Pier followed in 1882, then Million Dollar Pier in 1906, Steeplechase Pier in 1908, and Garden Pier in 1913.

Promotional lobster card

Promotional Card

Hackney’s Shore Dinners
By Harry Hackney


Chester Bridgeport Ferry, Adverap

"Adverap" Matchbook Holder

Chester Bridgeport Ferry
Mid-20th century

The Chester Bridgeport Ferry operated on the Delaware River from 1930 until 1974, when the Commodore Barry Bridge opened. The ferry-ride from Chester, Pennsylvania to Bridgeport, New Jersey took six minutes, and made a trip to the Jersey Shore quick and easy for Pennsylvanians. During the summer, the ferry ran 24 hours, with boats leaving every five minutes.

Down the Shore: Summer in Atlantic City

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