Titanic Survivor
Titanic memorial postcard

Titanic memorial postcard

"Steamer Titanic" [postcard]

This postcard was published shortly after the sinking of Titanic and includes details regarding the disaster. However, there are a number of errors on the card. These include the time the ship hit the iceberg (11:40 pm not 10:25 pm) and number of lives lost (1,523 not 1,300). Most importantly, the ship pictured is actually Titanic's sister ship Olympic. Since Titanic's maiden voyage was also her last, very few photographs of her existed, and it was common to use images of Olympic instead. Alike in almost every respect, the only notable difference was that Olympic's promenade deck was open (as seen in this postcard), but Titanic's was enclosed from the third funnel forward.

Dimensions: 3 1/2 × 5 1/2 inches

Independence Seaport Museum
Thayer Family Collection

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