Titanic Survivor
Lifeboat "Collapsible B," washed off Titanic upside down

Collapsible B, washed off Titanic upside down

Mackey-Bennett crew retrieving Titanic lifeboat [photograph]

Jack Thayer and 27 other survivors, including Second Officer Charles Lightoller and Wireless Operator Harold Bride, spent the night on this overturned lifeboat, Collapsible B. The lifeboat washed off Titanic, entering the water upside-down and it was never righted. Several weeks later, the lifeboat was found adrift in the North Atlantic and photographed by the crew of the Mackey-Bennett, out of Halifax, on its mission to retrieve victims.

Dimensions: 6 3/4 × 8 3/4 inches

Independence Seaport Museum
Thayer Family Collection

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