Outreach Programs

Unable to travel to Independence Seaport Museum? We can come to you!

Each program lasts 30-45 minutes and ties into your curriculum and state standards. With options for multiple grade levels in a variety of subjects, our outreach programs are a fun way to meet educational goals without leaving your classroom.  


Grades Pre-K-3 

Making a Mess with Mud and Detritus 
Science/Technology/Engineering/Language Arts 
All hands on deck for good, old-fashioned muddy fun with some learning thrown in the mix. Kids will use (almost) all of their senses to understand the river's muddy bottom from its smooth, silty texture to its funky smell. There's a lot to discover in the muck! 

Grades 3-8

A Pirate's Life for Me? 
Social Studies/Language Arts
Looking for buried treasure? For a pirate, this was often not a chest of gold but sugar, dry goods or other ship cargo. Learn about the shipping and trade economy from the point of view of 17th and 18th century pirates and privateers. 

Oil Spill Cleanup 
Experience the ways oil spills impact the environment, understand why oil floats on water, and attempt to clean up an oil spill using a variety of methods. This challenging workshop will explore the many difficulties of cleaning up a large-scale oil spill. 

Grades 8-12

Explosions! When Good Ships Go Bad 
Science/Technology/Engineering/Social Studies
Explore the effects of pressure, containment and ignition that have led to some of the worst disasters at sea. 


$225 for up to 35 students 
Travel fees start at $25 for sites more than 15 miles away from the Museum, one-way. 

Ask about our assembly options for larger groups. 


Dates and times are flexible. 

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