Virtual Field Trips

Please note that in-person field trips will not be resuming until Spring 2021.  Check back for more up-to-date information!

While we physically can’t sea you at the Seaport, we don’t want that to stop you from learning all the wonderful things that ISM has to offer!  We are happy to introduce new virtual programming for the 2020-2021 school year.  Whether you are looking to dive deep and sea what lives in the Delaware River, learn about what pirates were really on the hunt for in the eighteenth century, what life was like for immigrants as they entered the United States, or the historical significance of National Historic Landmark ships Cruiser Olympia and Submarine Becuna, we have you covered! 

We have two different virtual experiences you can choose from.  Scroll on for more information.  And we will sea you virtually!


Educator Led Virtual Programs 

We bring the Museum to you in this fun-filled, educational program option.  An ISM staffer will join your class via Zoom and lead you in an interactive and informative session.  With a variety of topics to select from, there is something for everyone!

Currently Available Programs:

Grades K-2

Life of a Sailor: Ahoy, mates!  Experience the life of a sailor for a day while enjoying an interactive lesson about sea trade, ship cargo, and the sometimes dangerous adventures of a sailor’s shipboard life.


Classy Plankton: Explore what’s happening in the busy microscopic world of plankton collected from the Delaware River.  Create an artistic representation of your discoveries as you classify these tiny essential organisms by plant versus animal.


A Pirate’s Life for Me?: Looking for a buried treasure?  For a pirate, this was often not a chest of gold but sugar, tobacco, or other ship cargo.  Learn about early maritime economics from the point of view of 17th and 18th-century pirates and privateers.  Discover the role of pirates in Philadelphia too!

Early Explorers: Life aboard an early explorer’s ship was not easy.  Find out how these hardy adventurers survived long voyages and a rough diet.  Explore the concept of trade using explorers and their connection to Native Americans.


Immigration Experience: Travel back in time to the late 1890s and learn about the immigration experience of real-life Philadelphians.


Simple Machines Challenge: How did early sailors move heavy objects like coal and supplies about the vessel?  Simple machines helped the crew carry out such tasks daily!  Students will learn the basics of pulley systems and the importance of mechanical advantage.

Tides of Freedom: An Exhibit Storybook: This lesson teaches the history of the African presence on the Delaware by discussing how a museum develops though-provoking exhibits for the public.

Aquatic Acidification: Draw carbon dioxide from the air we breathe and oxygen from the water we drink to experience the triggers of global climate change and ocean acidification.  Learn how changing pH affects life in the Delaware River and what you can do to keep our waterways healthy.


Tides of Freedom: The Lear Green Story: Students will learn the story of Lear Green, a woman who escaped slavery in a trunk and develop a mini exhibit about her life while answering some of the questions museums must also answer when creating a new exhibit.

WWI: Choosing Sides & America’s View: How did alliances bring about a world war?  What started WWI and why did each country choose to enter this war?  Discover the meaning & purposes of alliances and simulate how these alliances led to WWI.

Dissecting the Delaware: Poke around and get an in-depth look at the anatomy and body structure of several animal species found in and around the Delaware River, from headways to bay, from invertebrates like mussels and sea stars to frogs, various fish like catfish, skate, and shark.

historic ships

Cruiser Olympia: Join one of ISM’s shipkeepers as they take you on a virtual tour of the oldest floating steel warship in the world!  Learn about what life was like aboard for the crew and the historical significance of the ship.

Submarine Becuna: Climb aboard this World War II-era submarine and submerge yourself in her history as you learn about her service.   


$125 per 30-45 minute session.


Contact us to book your virtual experience. 


Pre-Record Videos

Watch one of the following pre-recorded videos featured below.  It’s the perfect addition to your classroom, whether it fits in with your curriculum or just looking for a little educational escape!  Stay tuned as we add more to this section.