Light on Steel on Water

Historic Philadelphia Navy Yard

See paintings capturing ships docked in the Delaware River.

Take in new views of the Philadelphia Navy Yard in our Waterways Gallery! Light on Steel on Water features 13 paintings from Wayne Art Center created during the 13th Annual Wayne Plein Air Festival held last May. Some of the participating artists converged on the Philadelphia Navy Yard one of the days to capture ships docked in the Delaware River.

The paintings featured in this exhibit depict ships at the Naval Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility at the Navy Yard, formerly known as the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, which closed in 1995. Some of the ships featured are reserved, or “mothballed,” for possible reactivation while others will be disposed through other means. Upon first glance, the artists have seemingly favored the industrial naval ships over the natural vistas of the river. However, the play of light and atmosphere envelops the river and ships, challenging us to see them as a whole.

Digital Presentation

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