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Kitbashing – A Nursery for Futures

Kitbashing – A Nursery for Futures

Event Start Date: June 18, 2022

  • Kitbashing - A Nursery for Futures
    • Date: Saturday, June 18
    • Time: 2 PM
    • Description: The workshop is an exercise in kitbashing, i.e., creating a new scale model by combining pieces from commercial kits and other sources. For two hours, surrounded by parts and wholes, tools, and paint, participants of all ages will be invited to collaborate in designing and constructing a scale boat. This "boat" will be a vessel for workshop participants' ideas, reservations, and aspirations, as we live in and through a world shaped by rising tides. Functionally, the workshop offers lessons on buoyancy, balance, and construction. Symbolically, it asks participants to acknowledge and think about the world they inhabit and what they are leaving future generations to inherit as we emerge into a new, climate-changing world. This workshop launches the public phase of creating Salazar's Ecotopian Tool, Watershed Mobile Nursery.
    • About the Toolmaker: Juan Hurtado Salazar (he/him/his) is an interdisciplinary artist concerned with using craft processes, collaboration, and emergent technologies to link the social and public with the speculative and slightly implausible. Through his work, Hurtado attempts to create the tangible elements visualizing the distance between the present and the challenges inhibiting collectively speculated futures.

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