full of wonders and treasures

Welcome to Independence Seaport Museum, where you can explore the rich maritime history of Philadelphia, learn about the importance of our region’s waterways, and witness traditional boat making in Seaport Boat Shop.

The Museum is full of wonders and treasures.  From exhibits to collections, to ship models and everything in between.  Learn more about who we are and what our building contains below.  


See what awaits you on your visit! Discover what type of exhibits the Museum houses (both permanent and temporary) by clicking here.
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Cruiser Olympia & the Unknown Soldier

Cruiser Olympia brought the American Unknown Soldier from World War I back to the United States nearly 100 years ago. Learn about the selection process, the difficult journey home, and how Olympia, her crew, and the remains were almost lost at sea.
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Ship Model

The Philadelphia Ship Model Society is a club that started in 1933 and has called ISM home for over ten years. Stop by during your trip to explore the intricacies of ship and boat construction as well as model making.
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J. Welles Henderson Research Center

Named after the Museum’s founder, our research center contains one of the nation’s most extensive collections of regional maritime research materials. We also have an online catalog that is open to the public. Dive in!
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The Seaport
Boat Shop

Learn about the Museum’s boat shop! Make sure to stop by during your visit to see staffers hard at work on various projects and demonstrating a traditional maritime skill.
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Immerse yourself in award-winning and interactive exhibits and climb aboard the oldest floating steel warship in the world on Cruiser Olympia and submerge yourself aboard the World War II-era Submarine Becuna.