Digging the City

Opening Friday, September 21, 2012

Digging the City: Archaeological Discoveries From The Philadelphia Waterfront

Independence Seaport Museum partnered with URS to present "Digging the City: Archaeological Discoveries from the Philadelphia Waterfront". The exhibition, located in the Museum’s 2nd floor Community Gallery, presents objects uncovered during the construction of I-95. "Digging the City" will be on display at the Seaport Museum from September 21 through February 3, 2013 and is included with regular Museum admission.

Native American settlements and historic alleys, streets and wharves are still buried below the open spaces adjacent to I-95. The archaeological discoveries highlighted in the exhibition bring to life the experience of our waterfront’s historic inhabitants. The exhibition presents a snapshot of the area and how it evolved over time, from its earliest residents through the city’s industrial era.

PennDOT is undertaking a long-term project to improve and rebuild I-95 in Philadelphia. The three mile section from I-676 to Allegheny Avenue includes improving the Girard Avenue interchange, highway widening, new utilities, landscaping andaccess to Philadelphia’s waterfront.

URS archaeologists, following the National Historic Preservation Act, are preserving the historic waterfront through scientific excavation and research. This research will recreate historical life at distinct points in time from 2,500 B.C. to A.D. 1900.