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Rowing and Regattas

The term "regatta" is generally used to describe a series of rowing or sailing races, often highly organized amateur events that include not only racing, but also social and promotional activities. Some regattas are highly competitive championship races, but many regattas are held purely for camaraderie and love of the sport.

Pennsylvania Boat Club Annual Regatta program

Program Pamphlet

"Pennsylvania Boat Club of Philadelphia, Annual Regatta"
June 4, 1881


International Regatta Program

Program Pamphlet

"International Rowing Regatta Under the Auspices of the Schuylkill Navy and U.S. Centennial Commission, On the Schuylkill River, Philadelphia."
August 28, 1876

In 1876, the National Association of Amateur Oarsmen held the first International Regatta on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This event coincided with the Centennial Exposition also taking place in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park on the banks of the Schuylkill. The International Regatta of 1876 was the largest regatta in the United States up to that time.

Harlem Regatta Association program

Program Pamphlet

"Thirtieth Annual Regatta, Harlem Regatta Association, On Decoration Day"
May 30, 1896


Pennsylvania Barge Club regatta program

Program Pamphlet

Pennsylvania Barge Club

Founded in 1861, Pennsylvania Barge Club joined the Schuylkill Navy in 1865, occupying Boathouse no. 4 on Philadelphia’s Boathouse Row. The club won 106 races during its time in the Schuylkill Navy, but suffered a drastic reduction in membership following World War II. Pennsylvania Barge Club eventually became United States Rowing Society.

National Association of Amateur Oarsmen regatta program

Program Pamphlet

"Twenty sixth Annual Regatta of the NAAO"
July 22nd and 23rd 1898

The National Association of Amateur Oarsmen (NAAO) was formed in 1872 to establish rules and regulations for amateur rowing. A century later, the NAAO became the United States Rowing Association.

People's Regatta program pamphlet

Program Pamphlet

"People’s Regatta, Philadelphia"
July 4th, 1887


Rowing and Regattas

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