What We Saved: Old-Time Ephemera
from the Seaport Museum Archives

Passenger List Pamphlet and Competition

R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth
Cunard Line

Queen Elizabeth, the largest ocean liner ever built, could accommodate over 2,200 passengers. Immediately after her construction in 1940, she was pressed into service as a troop transport ship for the allied forces during World War II. Once the war ended, Queen Elizabeth ruled the Atlantic as one of the most popular and elegant cruise ships of the mid twentieth century.

Cruising in the 1940s and ‘50s was different than it is today – modern cruise ships keep passengers busy with constant entertainment and distractions. During early cruises, however, passengers were expected to make their own fun, and socializing was an excellent way to pass the time. Games like this passenger list competition helped "break the ice" as tourists got to know their shipmates.

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Independence Seaport Museum
Pollack Collection
Ephemera Files: Carter Collection

Passenger List: 8 1/4 × 5 1/2 inches
Competition: 10 × 4 3/4 inches

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