Titanic Philadelphians

Titanic Philadelphians
True stories, real people, 100 years later

Titanic Philadelphians spotlights the personal lives of the Philadelphians directly affected by the ship disaster. The intimate exhibit is told through the accounts and stories of the 40 plus Philadelphians that sailed on the Titanic during her maiden voyage.

At the center of the exhibit is the Titanic first class passenger list, one of only a few copies known to still exist from the ship. The first class passenger list, along with other Titanic and ocean liner ephemera, was donated by the Thayer family of Philadelphia. John Borland Thayer, Marian Longstreth Thayer, and John Thayer Jr., (whose nickname was Jack) were passengers aboard the Titanic. During the evacuation of the ship Mrs. Thayer unknowingly carried the passenger list in her coat pocket onto Lifeboat 4 and the list remained in the family until it was donated in 1989. Due to the Thayer's connection with the passenger list and the depth of their family's story, a part of the exhibit will be centering solely on the Thayer story.

Visitors to the exhibit will explore the lives of Philadelphians that were traveling in the first, second and third classes of the Titanic and will come away with an understanding of how a disaster in the North Atlantic Ocean caused so much pain and grief in a city so far away. Titanic Philadelphians coincides with the centennial of the Titanic disaster.