Seafarin Saturday

Seafarin' Saturday is a chance for children and parents to participate in nautical activities and experience adventures of distant shores. From making pirate battle rattles to sailor valentines, children are sure to dive into fun! Seafarin' Saturdays are perfect for youth groups such as scouts. Seafarin' Saturdays are held every Saturday inside the Museum from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and is free with admission.  


October 25


November 1 Aztec Medallions

Visit the Museum and learn about Hernando Cortez and the lure of the Aztec gold! Guests will create their very own gold medallion necklace.

November 8 Owner Stick Activity

How did Native Americans on the water monitor their belongings? Create your own Owner Stick to protect your interests as a Native American would have when encountering an early explorer in the oldest days of Philadelphia.

November 15 Clay Pot Activity

Discover the culture and history of the Pueblo Tribe! Kids will explore the significance behind the making Puebla pottery and try their own hand at making a clay coil pot.

November 22 Time-Machine

Go back in time and experience the everyday life of an early explorer! Guests will learn how the earliest explorers lived, including what they wore and ate. Learn to make your very own hard tack, a simple "bread" made of flour, water and salt!

November 29 Family Game Day!

Participate in our Disasters on the Delaware exhibit board game and then try out the Buffalo Blanket Game - a fun game where only a blanket or cloth is needed!