Old City Seaport Festival Entertainment

Sea Dogs

The Sea Dogs are a pirate and privateer re-enactment group that will be performing sea shanties and songs of the sea. The Sea Dogs shows are fun and informative for land lubbers and salty dogs of all ages.





CHE Nautical Edutainment

Living History and Nautical Crafts by CHE Nautical Edutainment African Heritage Sailors presents an exciting and spectacular family and children fun time traveling journey to explore and discover the historical way of life of sailors. This group will have a history exposition with period sailors in full period costume, weaponry and tools. They will have over a dozen interactive period props and artifacts, as well as interactive traditional nautical crafts demonstrations including a black powder demonstration.






Cubby Altobelli/Calico Jack Rackham

Cubby Altobelli is a Philly comedy actor and writer. He is a big fan of the Independence Seaport Museum and loves dressing up as a pirate, so he is very happy to be able to combine the two. Cubby studied improv, clown, and commedia d'el arte through the years. He is also one half of the red-hot singing group, The Pyropodes.





Nick Gillette/Sailor Mime

Nick Gillette is a recent graduate of the Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training. He is a founding member and artistic director of BEFFA live performance, and teaches and performs with the Philly Improv Theater.






Shoshanna and Kimberlie/Sidetracked  

Vaudeville masters of wile and wit, Sidetracked is the brain-child of Shoshanna Ruth and Kimberlie Cruse. 
Since 2004 this comedic duo have been gracing the streets and stages with their fast-paced, vaudeville-style storytelling. Recent performances include: The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, ABSFest, Edmonton Fringe and TribOriginal. In the quest for world-domination-through-comedy, Sidetracked promises to be benevolent dictators of mirth.