Walnut2Walnut FAQs

Regatta FAQs

How will I know where I go? Each boat packet will have a chart of the course included. Support boats will be approximately every half mile along the course for additional support.

What will I bring with me? Each boat participant will be given two 500ml bottle of water, a novelty sail hat, a whistle, a t-shirt, a program with race rules, and a course chart with registration. We recommend bringing extra water, sunscreen, a waterproof clothing layer, and extra layer of warm clothing, lunch, snacks, and waterproof bag to keep it all in. All on water participants are required to wear a life jacket.

What happens if the weather is bad on race day? The race will take place rain or shine unless conditions are deemed to be hazardous to participants. Please consult the Walnut2Walnut homepage or Facebook page if you are unsure.

What is the refund policy? If the rowing race in canceled due to weather 50 percent refunds will be given and all participants will be invited to join in the walking race or scavenger hunt. If the entire event is canceled, then 100 percent refunds will be given.

I want to take part, but I don't have a boat. Can I rent one? Independence Seaport Museum in partnership with Hidden River Outfitters, have boats available for rent during registration. There are a limited number of boats available.

What type of boats are there to rent? We have many different types of boats available for rent and experience level. Boats rentals can be done during registration.


Single Kayaks - both sit in and sit on boats available

Tandem Kayaks - both sit in and sit on boats available


We have various type of rowboats available for rental for the race. All rowboats can take 1-2 people and are a great choice if you want to enjoy the race with someone more experienced. Many of our rowboats are student built in the Seaport's Workshop on the Water and are designed for use on the Delaware River.


Four boats available, and two of these were built in 2012 by students in our SAILOR program.

Harbormaster Skiffs

Four available, all of which were built in 2014 by students in our SAILOR program. This skiff was designed by John Brady for ease of build and seaworthiness, They will officially be launched May 29, 2014.

Bevin Skiff

One available, which was built in 2012 by students in our SAILOR program.


One available.

What skill level is needed to participate in the rowing race? It is strongly encouraged the only intermediate or advanced rowers or paddlers sign up for this race as it is 15 miles long and the waters of the Delaware and Schuylkill can be hazardous. While we will provide strong support for all, participants should have a clear knowledge of safe boating and the rules of the road.

What happens if I run into trouble on the race course? We will have support vessels at a miminimumf every half mile along the course. We recommend that every vessel has an emergency signaling device. If you run into trouble, signal one of the support boats to help you. They will all have extra water onboard and be in contact with emergency personnel to help a rower aboard, or tow a boat if needed.

I have my own boat. Can I launch from the race start Saturday morning? Yes, The race start is at Schuylkill Banks. Boats will need to be carried from the parking lot, down the dock and launched by hand.

Will there be help to launch my boat? Yes, we will have many staff and volunteers on hand to help you. If you are concerned about specific aspects of launching your boat, please contact Gina Pickton at gpickton@phillseaport.org.

I have a want to drop my boat off on Friday. Can I leave it at the race start on land overnight? Yes, there will be on-ground storage for boats and overnight security. All owners of boats left overnight must arrange storage by Wednesday May 28 by contacting Gina Pickton at gpickton@phillyseaport.org.

How do I get my boat to my vehicle after the race? The race end is within 200 yards of Penn's Landing parking lots. All kayaks must be taken back to vehicles by hand or kayak trailer. Boats less then 1,000 pounds can be hauled out on site, put onto a trailer and wheeled by hand to the parking lot. No unauthorized vehicles are allowed on Penn's Landing. Haul out for large boats that can't be lifted by hand need to be prearranged with Gina Pickton at gpickton@phillyseaport.org.

Will there be help with the boats after the race? Yes. We will have many volunteers standing by to help participants with their boats.

What if I want to leave my boat in the water on the Independence Seaport Museum's dock overnight Saturday and pick it up later? Overnight boat dockage may be arranged with Boat shop staff and is required before any boats are left beyond Saturday evening. Overnight boat dockage is limited and if required, must be arranged pre-race to guarantee availability. Any unauthorized boats left on the Museum's dock will be subject to a charge of $3.00 per foot per day. Please contact Gina Pickton at gpickton@phillyseaport.org.

Scavenger Hunt FAQs

How will teams compete in the Walnut2Walnut Scavenger Hunt? Walnut2Walnut Scavenger Hunt teams will complete clues and challenges by writing down the answer or receiving a completion stamp on their clue sheet. Teams will also be asked to post onto social media for certain tasks. In order for social media posts to count, the team's post must be liked by Independence Seaport Museum.

What can I bring? You may bring a smartphone, tablet, computer, etc. We also suggest bringing ID, money water, and a snack.

Can I register by myself? Yes, but you will be placed in teams of 2 to 4 people.

What is the refund policy? Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds.

Can I just show up, or do I have to register? You can show up, but spots are limited and prices are raised on race day.

Why can't I take a taxi or wear rollerblades, etc? We want all Walnut2Walnut participants to be on the same playing field. Thus, no bikes, cabs, rollerblades, sneakers with wheels on them, skateboards, and so on.

Will maps be provided? No. It is up to each team to provide their won city or public transportation maps. We recommend using Google maps, printed maps, and public transit maps.

What if I can't figure out a clue? You can ask people on the street for help or call your friends or family for advice. Don't give up. Each team will receive one skip. This allows each team to pass on solving one clue.

How many people on a team? You may have up to 4 on a team. All members must pay registration. All teams are eligible to win all prizes.

What is the first place prize? Walnut2Walnut is a charity event to raise money for educational programming, i.e. the SAILOR program. Prizes will only be given in the form of certificates and awards.

Who is eligible for best Tweet? Everyone! Best/funniest tweet wins, chosen by Seaport Museum staff. Tweet as many times as you want. You must use the correct hashtag to be entered. On race day we will give you the correct hashtag.

Do I have to wear matching or coordinated costumes/uniforms? No, but costumes are STRONGLY encouraged. We will award one team for Best Costume.

Do I have to be 21 or older to register? Yes, all participants in the Scavenger Hunt must be 21 or older.