Current Projects

Corinthian Sloop

Commenced: Ongoing since, Winter 2014

Designed by Philadelphia Thomas D. Bowes, Naval Architect and built in Holland in 1951. One of eight built for the Corinthian Yacht Club of Essington, PA for competitive sailing on the Delaware River. It is one of three still in existence. Construction is Mahogany on White Oak frames. It is being restored for use in the water in hopes of revitalizing interest in the fleet. 

Cruiser Olympia Skylights

Commenced: Fall 2016

Being of Victorian design and lacking air conditioning, Cruiser Olympia was built with a series of wooden skylights to provide ventilation and natural light to key areas of the crew living spaces - especially for officers.The original 124-year old skylights are currently being restored back to functioning order. These beautifully made skylights will not only improve the visitor experience, but will also provide their original function of ventilating key spaces on the ship during the hot summer season. A total of four original skylights will be restored. 

Harbormaster Skiff - SAILOR Program

Commenced: Fall 2016

This is the 6th consecutive year for the SAILOR STEM Boatbuilding Program and the 3rd year for the program's signature boat, the Harbormaster Skiff. Each year, our SAILOR students come from local public and charter schools in Philadelphia to experience hands-on traditional boatbuilding from start to finish. We begin the program with basic fundamentals of boat Physics from the Archimedes Principle to the Science of Sailing, and work out way up to tool safety and the advanced Mathematical skill of Lofting to teach the students orthographic drawing techniques. After they've experienced these background pieces to the boatbuilding process, they are ready to get their hands into the Engineering and Art of wooden boatbuilding, creating something tangible and functional out of what was a pile of rough sawn lumber. 

The Harbormaster Skiff is a flat-bottomed approx. 12.5' long rowboat, cedar on oak. It has one rowing station and seating for 3. It was designed by President and CEO of Independence Seaport Museum, John Brady, to be easier to build for novice boatbuilders, but also able to withstand the rolling swells and unpredictable nature of the Delaware River. It is highly stable, easy to row, turns 360* with ease and has a higher freeboard than the Bevins Skiff.   

For more information about the SAILOR Program or the Harbormaster Skiff, please contact Jennifer Totora, Manager of STEM Education & On-Water Programs at, or 215-413-8621.

MisLeading Lady

Commenced: Ongoing since, Fall 2013

MisLeading Lady is a Ventor Runabout, built in Ventnor, NJ in 1926. Owned by George Wimburg, the Workshop on the Water has committed to restoring her to original integrity.

For more information on MisLeading Lady, go to

Beetle Cat Boat

Commenced: Fall 2013

This mid-1970s Beetle Cat Boat was generously donated by a Workshop on the Water volunteer. In her restoration, the Workshop on the Water is replacing damaged frames, rebuilding the centerboard case, recaulking, recanvasing the deck and repainting.