Alexandria Seaport Foundation

Alexandria Seaport Foundation was approached by Mystic Seaport to build a whaleboat as part of the restoration and celebration of the Charles W. Morgan. They felt it would be a wonderful opportunity for their apprentices, as it provides not only a unique boat building opportunity, but many educational opportunities as well. Alexandria Seaport Foundation also believed it to be a wonderful opportunity for the Alexandria community at large. They have hosted an Open House and Whaleboat Presentation in which their apprentices constructed project boards and spoke to the community on the history of whaling in New England and the importance of the Charles W. Morgan.

Alexandria Seaport Foundation staff, apprentices and volunteers are working on the whaleboat. The Director of Development Kathleen K. Seifert and Director of the Apprentice Program Howell Crim are the contacts for this project. 


About Alexandria Seaport Foundation

Alexandria Seaport Foundation (ASF) is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides at-risk youth with the career, academic and life skills necessary to become productive, responsible adults. Through the building of wooden boats, and with the mentoring of caring adults,this paid apprenticeship teaches young men and women between the ages of 18 - 22 carpentry skills, accountability, timeliness, work ethic and positive attitude All are traits needed in order to secure a job after completion of the program. ASF works with approximately 40 - 45 youth in this program annually.

In addition to their cornerstone apprenticeship, ASF also has an educational,project-based program in local middle schools which works with students who have been designated by their teachers as at-risk of failing math. Through the building of small, age-appropriate projects such as model boats, cigar-box guitars, and skateboards, these students learn math through a hands-on approach. They are evaluated both before and after the program and tested on their skill levels and improvement.

Finally, ASF has a national "train-the trainers" program which teaches other organizations across the country to do what we have been successfully doing for years, which is teaching math through a project-based, hands-on approach. Building to Teach allows us to impact hundreds of youth and many educational communities.

ASF has a staff of ten people, six full time and four part-time.